Background Description

Looney Tunes NFT Experience

What’s Up Block?

Artefact Group collaborated with Nifty’s and Warner Bros. to produce a generative avatar collection celebrating the historic Looney Tunes franchise in a unique, story-driven NFT experience.

The Program

The program kicked off with everyone’s favorite canary Tweety producing 10,000 Tweety avatars in celebration of Tweety’s 80th anniversary in 2022. Tweety’s nemesis Sylvester was next up for the NFT treatment. Subsequent drops will include that “wascally wabbit” Bugs Bunny, with more characters in store through 2023.

More than a simple PFP program, Warner Bros. has created “What’s Up Block?,” a new companion storyline for the program that unfolds over the course of multiple years, exclusively for members of the Looney Tunes fan community.

The Creative Process

Drawing inspiration from classic Looney Tunes episodes, Artefact created original art paying homage to the great art of the original cartoon animations. The collection draws heavily on the Golden Age of Looney Tunes and includes select modern cultural references and nods to the NFT community.

For this collaboration, Artefact took a research-based approach. Character style, props, backgrounds, expressions and more can be tied directly to classic Looney Tunes episodes - with a sprinkling of more modern references rounding out the collection (Tweety really knows how to wear a puffer jacket).

The Tech

Once created, individual art assets are uploaded to Artefact’s custom built NFT generator and management tool. Using a custom set of rules and predefined attribute rarity values, the tool randomly combines character elements into the final set of Looney Tunes avatars offered for purchase on

Previous Partnerships

Artefact has previously partnered with Nifty’s to produce NFT programs for the film Bullet Train, The Matrix Avatars NFT Program, Space Jam Monstars, and an artist collaboration on Nifty’s Common Canvas curated by Kevin Long.

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