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End of the Line:

A Bullet Train NFT Experience

To celebrate the release of Bullet Train, Artefact was engaged to produce a series of unique 2D avatars, supporting a fast-paced two-part NFT launch with Nifty’s.

Phase One

In phase one, Nifty’s delivered free Momonga mascot NFTs to eligible Bullet Train presale ticket holders. Artefact created a set of 4 unique Momonga avatars bringing to life the cute, flying squirrel-like characters from the film. Each NFT is distinct — focusing on one exclusive Momonga from the film for each theater chain participating in the program.

Phase Two

In phase two, Artefact collaborated with Nifty’s to produce an anime-style PFP program based on the highly anticipated film. Drawing visual inspiration from the film’s iconic moments, characters and props, Artefact created more than 250 unique character elements and generated over 20,000 completely unique NFT assassin avatars.

Collaboration and Creative Development

Working with a group of talented artists, the Artefact creative team developed the creative concept for the program including defining the style, curating the film’s key moments, and selecting the characters, props, and environments from which the assassin avatars would be built.

Individual art elements were created and uploaded to Artefact’s custom built NFT generator and management tool. Using a custom set of rules, the tool randomly combined over 250 character elements into the final set of Assassin Avatars offered for purchase on

The program launched on September 29th. Head over to Nifty’s to join the Assassins’ Guild and participate in this high-speed NFT adventure!

Past Successful Projects

Artefact has previously partnered with Nifty’s to produce NFT programs for Looney Tunes What’s up Block?, The Matrix Avatars NFT Program, Space Jam Monstars, and an artist collaboration on Nifty’s Common Canvas curated by Kevin Long.

Artist Collaboration

Nifty’s, Inc. is the first social NFT platform to bring together premium publishers, brands, and creators with the collectors, curators, and communities of fans that emerge around them.

Artefact collaborated with highly acclaimed illustrator and NFT artist Shan Jiang to create the art for the program.